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James Joseph has always had an affinity for the metaphysical and healing arts. His studies include Numerology, Astrology, Chromatherapy, Crystal Therapy, Mediumship, Essential Oils, and Qabalah amongst a multitude of spiritual practices. James Joseph continues to evolve through his attunements during meditation and universal love energy known as Reiki. 

It is through the awareness and importance of self care and wellness that he offers a variety of healing services in his sacred space known as the Reiki and Reading Room.


Please call or book online for pricing details. Special introduction prices for your first-time appointment!

  • Reiki
    Universal love energy. This is not a religion or a belief system. James Joseph will be channeling the lineage of Dr. Usui and universal energy to provide the ultimate relaxation and healing session. You just simply have to show up, lay down comfortably, and be open to the flow of energy.

  • Chakra Meditation
    A healing meditation that reviews the use of chakra aligning as we realign and recenter to continue our soul purpose journey. Chakra Healing Stones that you choose are included in your first session. Originally created by James Joseph that this often provides much insight as to what chakras may need some extra love and care.

  • The Reading
    Through the use of the divinatory tool of The Tarot we will explore the past, present, and more of this spiritually guided journey. You will find affirmation and amazing insight into your souls purpose as we RE-discover what this lifetime means for you! 

  • jamesgetsmetaphysical
    It's like the movie Ground Hogs Day. Today is an offering to reset your routine. Change up even the side of the bed you sleep on! Time to reset and activate anew! Overworking, overthinking, just get OVER IT! Remember to find your balance, place your hand on your heart and breathe!
  • jamesgetsmetaphysical
    Love us! You're my best friend! You're my husband! You're my everything! So grateful and thankful for this story and it's unfolding as we evolve together ! 🥰
  • jamesgetsmetaphysical
    Happy Full Moon in Aquarius! The Emperor card I pulled today shows us the ability to organize what we desire in our concious mind from our subconscious to then develop exactly what we want! He is courage and stability resulting from intense fire energy! Be careful not to burn too hot for you might burn yourself! Represents Sulfur, Earth, and Aries!
  • jamesgetsmetaphysical
  • jamesgetsmetaphysical
    #obsessed haha
  • jamesgetsmetaphysical
    I want to take a moment to share how grateful and thankful I am for these two souls! Mom and Dad I love you both so much and you have done more for me these past four days than I could have ever imagined. Some of you may not know but they adopted my dog Oktober so that I can continue forward with full force and intention/attention with future family plans. They drove 1200 miles to meet Eric and I in Kansas City Missouri and spent countless hours providing the kind of unconditional love you rarely find in this world for LOVE with LOVE! Oktober I am so proud of you and your family will always be there for you! We love you all! Oktober now resides in Phoenix Arizona as of 7/14/2019!
  • jamesgetsmetaphysical
    Living life loving life #justlove
  • jamesgetsmetaphysical
    2 Years Ago today we eloped in Portland, Maine... Our journey as a couple is a powerful story that continues to evolve! I love how you make me laugh most of all! Happy Anniversary @iamtheric !
  • jamesgetsmetaphysical
    The best and favorite photo of my mom and I. It's so cool to see things like this as I creep on to 37 years old on June 27th! Just so surreal I love it !🥰🤪
  • jamesgetsmetaphysical
    #moon #june1 #2019 Nothing's ever truly black and white ... It's okay. We have this life, as we know it to be true. Live it, Love it, Be Free ...

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